niwot natural medicine

Our Apothecary

At Niwot Natural Medicine, our apothecary is filled with the highest quality vitamins, supplements,  homeopathics, and both Chinese & Western herbs to meet the healthcare needs of your entire family.  The variety of formulas and products on our shelves have been purposefully chosen based on Doctor Malcolm’s 20 years of experience working in complimentary medicine.  

Some of the brands we carry are:

·     Vital Nutrients

·      Gaia Herbs

·      Pure Encapsulations

·      Metagenics

·      Wish Garden Herbs

·      Wise Woman Herbals

·      Boiron Homeopathics

·      Thorne

·      Innate Formulas

·      Quicksilver Therapeutics

·      Golden Flower & Kan Chinese Herbs

·      High Quality CBD Products

Feel free to walk-in during normal business hours, and our dedicated staff will be available to answer any questions and help you select the best products for your health & wellness!