Deanna Gabriel Vierck CCH, CN

Deanna Gabriel Vierck is a certified clinical herbalist, clinical nutritionist and flower essence practitioner with a passion for assisting others who seek emotional health and physical strength through self discovery.  She is known for her humor, warmth and accessibility as a practitioner, teacher and friend. She holds a BS in Biology, Public Relations and Earth Science from Central Missouri State University. Deanna received her clinical training in Boulder, CO at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, a two year intensive course of study focusing on human anatomy and physiology, disease pathology, the use and preparation of a variety of botanical medicines, nutrition and flower essences.

Deanna’s work as a Flower Essence Practitioner is unique and powerful, using essences of flowers, stones, waters and sacred sites as a foundation for supporting physical and emotional health. Over the last 12 years she has worked to deepen her understanding of the powerful ways that flower essences impact human health. This dedication lead her to develop her own unique system of applying flower essences topically to chakra points.  Deanna’s sessions transform a variety of difficult life circumstances and as a result of her work, clients find deeper presence in body and heart along with improvements in personal relationships, emotional health and internal thought processes.

Deanna is a former faculty member at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder, CO where she served for 7 years as Flower Essence Program Director. During her time at the school Deanna lectured on the use and preparation of herbal remedies and the clinical use and application of flower essence therapies. She worked intimately with second year students as they complete the clinical internship portion of their studies, mentoring them on the development of their Flower Essence clinical skills. Deanna loves the classroom experience and guest lectures at Naropa, and also hosts private workshops.  


Deanna Gabriel Vierck Services & Treatments

[Clinical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist & Flower Essence Practitioner]


NEW Client EMotional rebalancing session 1.5hr: $150

45-60 minutes consultation & formulation custom essence and 30-45 minutes meditative emotional rebalancing with plant essences

This visit is for those new to Niwot Natural Medicine. Established patients/clients of Dr. Malcolm or Kat Dunbar do not need to do a new client consultation, and are free to schedule as a follow-up consultation. 

Emotional rebalancing sessions focus on supporting a person’s emotional being. In these sessions, flower essences are used to assist with processing through emotional challenges that are stirred up by past and current life experiences. This healing modality can be beneficial for anyone.  Individuals working through the following kinds of experiences are encouraged to schedule: stress, trauma, loss, addiction, major life transitions, recurring patterns of struggle, anxiety/depression, chronic illness, limiting beliefs such as fear, low confidence, anger, judgements, indecision, and those on a path of deep inner transformation. In each session space is created for the individual to express their needs for support. From this discussion, an individualized flower essence formula is created and used on energy points to initiate deep shifts in the emotional energies contained in the body. This specific essence formula is given to the client as a tool to be used at home for continued support between sessions.


30 Minute Nutritional consultation W/ Deanna Gabriel Vierck: $50

This 30 minute visit is designed for current clients needing basic support with improvements to daily or overall diet and nutrition. This session is focused on managing shopping, meal planning and preparation, and/or supporting with food allergy elimination.  


60 minute Nutritional consultation W/ Deanna Gabriel Vierck: $100

 This visit is designed for clients needing deeper, more detailed support with improvements to overall diet and nutrition. This session is focused on addressing the individual needs of the patient by looking at their specific nutritional requirements for improved health. Areas of focus will be: managing meal planning and preparation, food allergy elimination, increasing overall daily nourishment, adding variety and pleasure to seemingly restrictive dietary needs, and recipe and shopping list ideas. 


New CLient herbal consultation with Deanna Gabriel vierck $150

1.5hr consult and protocol development

This visit is designed for those new to Niwot Natural Medicine who are looking for support and guidance to improve their overall health. The 1.5hr consultation will focus on understanding the client’s current health issues in order to get a clear picture of basic root causes. Those experiencing any of the following issues are encouraged to schedule: anxiety/depression, stress, insomnia, low energy, weight management, body pain of any kind, mental fog, and digestive struggles such as constipation, diarrhea, gas/bloating. A focused and supportive protocol will be developed that includes some or all of the following: herbal teas and tinctures, nutritional adjustments and altering lifestyle habits such sleep, water intake, physical movement, playtime, and positive relationship to self and community.