What Is

Flower Essences &

Emotional Re-Balancing?

Flower essences originate from ancient healing traditions and are powerful tools for personal transformation. These plant extracts are pure energy vibrations of plants imprinted into spring water. This process combines all the elements to create one of nature’s most unique gifts. Because energy has an innate desire to harmonize, our bodies long to flow with the pure, clear frequency of these healing vibrations. In doing so, limiting emotions and beliefs are released, allowing you to live with greater spiritual/emotional strength, resilience and vitality. These powerful plant medicines are similar to homeopathic remedies due to their energetic nature but they are very different from essential oils, which are highly concentrated extracts of physical plant compounds.

The Chakras

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What are Flower Essence EMotional Re-Balancing Sessions

These sessions bring freedom from limiting beliefs, emotional turmoil and physical discomfort through a process of clearing negative emotions held in the mind and body. This harmonizes the energy centers of the body and strengthens emotional vitality. 

The Benefits

You will gain a deeper understanding of what is impairing your progression in life and healing.  This understanding opens the door for deep transformations that lead to freedom from these limitations. Through the gentle removal of emotional and energetic obstacles you will experience a more complete connection to your self and a greater understanding of who you are and what you need to feel fully alive in all ways.

The Process

Together we engage in a process of discovery and understanding of core physical and emotional struggles through guided meditation, verbal expression and deep listening. Plant energies, in the form of flower essences, are applied to corresponding chakra points to clear, strengthen and expand these powerful energy centers. Our chakra centers offer profound insight into what is needed for our complete healing process. Each chakra has a particular wisdom and support for you. When these centers are regularly soothed and stimulated by the energies found in flower essences we can release a lifetime of suffering and limiting beliefs. 

What to Expect in a Session

Each session is unique to the individual and works with the most important and immediate needs in your life. Flower Essences offer an opportunity to sink deeply into your body while releasing physical and emotional tension. This process offers a vision of yourself that is powerful and full of meaning.

Drink a cup of delicious herbal tea as you are guided to express your greatest desires for emotional and physical health. Next, the essences needed to release the elements that are the most limiting in your life are skillfully applied topically to corresponding chakra points. This process brings a revitalizing release that is only possible when we connect with the natural world. When the essences interact with our body’s chakras, a powerful healing experience unfolds. A custom remedy will be formulated for you to use in the days following the session to solidify and deepen the shifts that occurred during our time together.