Yin and Pins: Fire Element Acupuncture & Yoga

with Kat Dunbar, L.Ac. and Allie Geer

Sunday July 28, 2019


At The Hidden Yoga Studio in Niwot


Join Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist Allie Geer, and Licensed Acupuncturist  Kat Dunbar of Niwot Natural Medicine, for a 2 hour immersion, blending Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practice of Yin Yoga.  Inspired by our deep connection to the universe, this workshop is designed to nourish the body from the inside out. The focus of this workshop is the season of summer and the fire element. We will combine longer held yin yoga poses with acupuncture needles to nourish our connective tissue and build Qi, through the integration of the heart  and small intestine meridians. Be prepared to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and deeply nourished after this workshop. Due to the unique nature of this workshop, limited space is available.  


The focus of this workshop is the Fire Element and the Heart & Small Intestine Meridians. In TCM, the Fire element is associated with the season of summer. Fire relates to the sun, light, warmth, and heat. Summer is the season of abundance, when things come into maturity and life is in full bloom. The heart sets our rhythm in life. Fire energy inside sparks us to come alive, to be open and to feel abundance. The fire in our hearts is what radiates out into the world as the light of our individual awareness. This flame allows us to become conscious of ourselves and others, to express love and gratitude, and to become awake in our lives.

When: Sunday 07/28/2019
Where: The Hidden Yoga Studio
Time: 11am - 1 pm
Cost:  $65 Early Bird $75 after July 21st
Other: Pre-Registration Required, Limited Spaces Available, *Please wear loose-fit clothing